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14/06/08 - Samsung F400 Opus Available SIM Free

With web browsing & email capabilities, EDGE technology and 3G connectivity, the Samsung F400 Opus is well equipped and stylishly designed.  Supportive of multiple languages, the Samsung F400 includes a 3MP camera, MP3 player and an FM radio with RDS.

14/06/08 - Sony Ericsson C702 Cyber-Shot Phone

Released on O2 and Orange Contract Deals with up to 15 Months 1/2 Price Line Rental discounts on selected 18 Months Tariffs, the Sony Ericsson C702 sports a 3.2MP autofocus camera, MP3 Player, GPS with Geotagging and 3G HSDPA connectivity.

14/06/08 - Sony Ericsson W760i Walkman Phone

A 3G Walkman Phone, the Sony Ericsson W760i is now available on O2 Contract Deals and includes 1GB shared memory, GPS receiver, Google Maps, RSS reader, Tracker application, 3D motion sensor for gaming and a 3.2MP camera with video capture & playback.
13/06/08 - Motorola E8 ROKR Released on Orange

The Motorola E8 ROKR is now available from FREE on Orange Contract Deals with some superb line rental discounts on selected tariffs.  Equipped with touch sensitive keypad and 'Omega' navigational wheel, the E8 ROKR offers a unique and innovative design.
12/06/08 - Samsung F110 Adidas MiCoach in Pink

Ladies get your running gear on, pick up your Pink Samsung Adidas MiCoach and enjoy the best workout you've had in a long time with your own personal trainer by your side supporting you every step of the way and getting you closer to reaching your ideal goal.

12/06/08 - LG KC550 Orsay Slider Just Released

Released on Orange and O2 Cheap Contract Deals, the LG KC550 Orsay comes equipped with a 5 mega pixel autofocus camera with image stabiliser, music and video player, EDGE technology, E-mail capabilities and JAVA support for gaming.
11/06/08 - Sony Ericsson W350i Hypnotic Black Walkman Phone

Available in Electric Black and Ice Blue, the Sony Ericsson W350i Walkman Phone has today been released in Hypnotic Black on Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile Contract Deals. An ideal slider for music lovers, the Sony Ericsson W350i is loaded with fantastic features.
10/06/08 - LG KU580 Chocolate Slider SIM Free

Now Available, the originally labeled LG Hero KU580 has been released as the LG KU580 Chocolate.  Inspired by the Chocolate range, the LG KU580 Chocolate is a slider with 3G connectivity, touch sensitive keypads and a high resolution 2" TFT display screen.

10/06/08 - I-Mate Ultimate 9502 Now Available

Following in the footsteps of the 6150 and 8150, the I-Mate Ultimate 9502 has been released and is available SIM Free.  A Mobiles 6.0 Professional device, the I-Mate Ultimate 9502 is a highly competent PDA that makes for an invaluable messaging device that includes WiFi.

10/06/08 - Samsung U900 Soul Slider in Pink!

Joining the Samsung U900 Soul Midnight Black in its release today is its sister phone in Pink. Also released on Orange Contract Deals, the Samsung U900 Pink Slider is the perfect accessory for fashionable Ladies who love pink and are seriously into their phones.

10/06/08 - Midnight Black Samsung U900 Soul Slider

A phone to fall in love with, the Samsung U900 Soul slider has now been released in Midnight Black on Orange Contract Deals.  3G enabled with HSDPA connectivity, the Samsung U900 Soul boasts a high performance 5 mega pixel camera and 15 hrs of music playback.
06/06/08 - Mobile Broadband ZTE USB Modem Dongle Black

Get the ZTE USB Modem Dongle in Black and enjoy the benefit of 1GB of Wireless Mobile Broadband access for internet browsing and emails using the 3 Mobile Network with Broadband Lite and speeds of up to 2.8Mbps.

06/06/08 - Mobile Broadband USB Modem Stick in White

PC and Mac compatible, the USB Modem Stick offers HSDPA connectivity for high speed internet connections on plug in.  Available in White on either Vodafone or 3 Three 3G mobile networks, the USB Modem Stick gives you unlimited wireless access when you need it.

06/06/08 - Mobile Broadband USB Modem Stick in Black

Amongst the latest must have accessories are the Mobile Broadband USB Modem Stick.  Choose yours in Black and get a broadband connection with Orange, T-Mobile of 3 Three Networks with speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. 

06/06/08 - Mobile Broadband USB Modem Dongle Pink

A no hassle way of getting a broadband connection using the 3 Three Mobile Network.  Done up in Pink for the Ladies, the USB Dongle is the perfect accessory to get you online in an instant with speeds of up to 2.8Mbps when travelling away from home.

06/06/08 - Mobile Broadband USB Modem Dongle in White

Mobile Broadband USB Modem Dongle available in White with T-Mobile and Vodafone networks.  Get yourself wirelessly connected with one of two 3G mobile networks of your choosing. No setup, no wires, no hassle and speeds of up to 3.6Mbps.
05/06/08 - Sony Ericsson S500i Jemma Kidd Flower Edition

First release of the day and its the Sony Ericsson S500i Floral edition.  A special limited edition handest that comes with a Nailvarnish and Lip Gloss make-up set by Jemma Kidd worth £16, the Sony Ericsson S500i Flower is available on T-Mobile Contract Deals.
04/06/08 - Sony Ericsson W580i Jungle Green Walkman Phone

With Jungle Green to bring out your wild side, the Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Phone is the perfect accessory for any music lover.  This bold slider with extensive list of features is now available to buy on Virgin Mobile Contract Deals FREE.

04/06/08 - Nokia 5310 Pink Limited Edition XpressMusic Phone

A Kylie Minogue special Limited Edition of the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone has been released in Pink.  Available on all major Pay As You Go networks, the Nokia 5310 Pink special edition comes with Kylie's latest album and FREE Exclusive remixes.

04/06/08 - Nokia 6220 Classic on Orange

The 3G enabled HSDPA ready Nokia 6220 Classic mobile phone with its 5 star lineup of features, including Advanced GPS Satellite Navigation, is now available from FREE on Orange Contract Deals with 2 Months FREE line rental discounts on selected tariffs.  

04/06/08 - Blackberry Pearl 8110 Red Now Available

Following the release of the Blackberry Curve 8310 earlier this week is the Blackberry Pearl 8110, also in Red.  Available on Vodafone Contract Deals, the Blackberry 8110 Red comes with integrated GPS, full Internet Browsing capabilities and much much more.
02/06/08 - Sony Ericsson W350i Electric Black Walkman Phone

Accompanying the release of its sibling in Ice Blue is the Sony Ericsson W350i Walkman Phone in Electric Black.  With its striking orange colouring, the Sony Ericsson W350i Walkman Phone is available now from FREE on T-Mobile Contract Deals.

02/06/08 - Blackberry Curve 8310 Red Smartphone

Joining the Sony Ericsson W350i on our list of releases today is the Blackberry Curve 8310 in Red.  Available on O2 Online Contract Deals, the Blackberry 8310 Red includes an intergrated GPS, 2 mega pixel camera and music player plus full email and web browsing functionality.

02/06/08 - Sony Ericsson W350i Ice Blue Walkman Phone

First release of the month is the Sony Ericsson W350i Ice Blue Walkman Phone and what a way to start.  A delightfully compact walkman phone with an innovative design, the Sony Ericsson W350i is now available on T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile Contract Deals from FREE.

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