Sony Ericsson W910i Black Walkman Phone

Organise your files, photos, music and convert file formats on your PC with the Media Management Software and then simply upload on to your phone via a USB connection and your Black Sony Ericsson W910i is then ready to go, keeping you entertained and in touch whenever and wherever you go.
You can store up to 900 songs on the 1GB memory stick included in the package, keeep up to date with the latest news and sports headlines by tuning into the FM Stereo Radio and finally figure out the name of that song that has been driving you crazy, with TrackID recognition.
The Sony Ericsson W910i available in Noble Black, Hearty Red, White Gold and Havana Gold (Bronze) colour variants offers a unique Shake Control feature, when activated you can hold down the Walkman key and literally shake your handset to change to the next track, but make sure you give it a good flick of the wrist.
But the Sony Erisson W910i Black isn't just a mobile phone, nor is it just a walkman player, with the best of both worlds combined and 3G enabled with added UMTS support and EDGE technology, you can access emails and the web at impressive speeds.
Moments can be captured with the 2.0 mega pixel camera, first steps recorded on video and telephone conversations personalised with face to face video calling.

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Sony Ericsson W910i W910 Mobile Phone
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Sony Ericsson W910i Red Walkman Phone
Sony Ericsson
W910i Red
Weight:  86g
Talktime: 9 hours
Standby time: 400 hours
Dimensions: 99 x 50 x 12.5 mm
Sony Ericsson Phones
Sony Ericsson W910i Havana Gold (Bronze) Walkman Phone
Sony Ericsson
W910i Gold
Sony Ericsson W910i White Gold Walkman Phone
Sony Ericsson
W910i White
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