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Nokia N95 8GB Music Edition Mobile Phone

Nokia N95 lovers will be pleased to know that a Black 8GB version of the Symbian OS 9.2 device has joined the NSeries range.
Although the basic spec for this high end device remains more or less unchanged thankfully, there are some pretty impressive additions, the most obvious being the 8GB memory, on top of the original 100MB capacity for messages, etc.
The 5 mega pixel camera, with Carl Zeiss optics, now features a removeable lens cover, making space for a larger and more powerful Li-Ion 1200mAH battery.
The autofocus, digital zoom and a built-in flash provide welcomed relief to ensure the best quality pictures whilst video recording capabilities of 30fps produces DVD quality clips, on top of which there's a secondary camera for video calling and TV Output.
The dedicated media keys, which are positioned beneath the dual slide mechanism of the phone, have been raised for better accessibility and the screen has been increased from 2.6 inches to a 2.8 inch QVGA display.
The Nokia N95 8GB 3G smartphone is, as with the original version, a Quad Band GSM handset with GPRS/ HSDPA/EDGE/WiFi plus Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP Stereo support, miniUSB and infra-red.
Equipped with an intergrated GPS based satellite navigation system with maps  covering over 100 countries pre-installed, the 8Gb Nokia N95 enables access to emails, online content, ability to view email attachments with the office document viewer and plan appointments and keep on schedule with its on board organiser.
As the Music Edition of the Nokia N95, it wouldn't be complete without the MP3 Player, Stereo FM Radio and 3.5mm output jack.
Another enhancment to the Nokia N95 is the introduction of N-gage gaming, with superb features, amazing graphics and top range games specifically designed for advanced mobile devices.

Nokia N95 8GB - Today's Best Deals:

Nokia N95
Weight: 128g 
Talktime: 6.0 hrs
Standby time: 280 hrs
Dimensions: 99 x 53 x 21 mm
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Nokia N95 Sand
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Nokia N95 Silver Plum
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